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Amarythia Duuk'Tarquith
17 April
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Welcome to Amarythia Duuk'Tarquith's Book Review Journal!

Once a month or so, I will post an entry featuring all of the reviews generated at my primary journal, caseybrienza during the previous month in question. This journal functions solely as an archive, so if you'd rather get the reviews as they're written and not in one or two enormous (and possibly under construction) entries each month, please friend caseybrienza.

This journal has not been updated since 2006. For recent bloggings, please see caseybrienza.

Please note: CLAMP did not start out as a doujinshi circle called "Amarythia"!!!!
Amarythia is a name of my own invention. I have no affiliation with CLAMP. The error arises from a citation in an academic paper about CLAMP's doujinshi that refers back to me, the original source of information, and has since been codified on Wikipedia by some anonymous moron and elsewhere.